At Chicago Plumbing Service, we always live up to our name! We provide our customers with honest descriptions of their plumbing problems, clear solutions, and up-front pricing quotes with no hidden fees. If you are tired of plumbers who overcharge for poor work, then you will be glad you choose us!

Licensed Plumbers
When plumbing work is done improperly, it not only can damage your home, but also be a public safety issue if sewage or chemicals get into the water supply. To protect residents, Illinois requires that all plumbers be licensed. They start as a plumbers apprentice and only after 48 to 72 months of work under a licensed plumber can they take the plumbing licensing exam. The Department of Public health issues the licenses and also sets the standards for plumbing codes.

In addition to Illinois plumbing license requirements, Chicago has its own set of standards. The Journeyman plumbing license requires plumbers to have 4 years of experience as an apprentice and prove their knowledge in an exam. The city also requires plumbers to undergo further training each year to maintain their license.

All of our plumbers at Honest Guy Plumbing are licensed according to Illinois and Chicago state law. However, we don’t believe in just meeting the minimum requirements! In order to provide excellence, we have set the bar higher for our plumbers and all go through rigorous training protocols each year to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Modern Plumbing Equipment
For plumbing repairs to be performed properly, it isn’t enough to have experienced, knowledgeable plumbers working on the job. The plumbers also need to have the right tools and equipment. At Honest Plumbing Guy, we understand this and have invested in modern equipment like hydraulic machinery for trenchless sewer repair, motorized clog rooters, and pipe video cameras.

By investing in technology, we are able to complete plumbing repairs faster and more efficiently than the competition. This means we can afford to set our prices lower while still offering the best quality of service.

Our Commitment to Customers
We know that happy customers will help our business grow through word of mouth. To ensure our customers are satisfied, we take steps to always deliver excellence and keep prices affordable. Some of the ways we do this is by:
• Having the longest warranties for plumbing appliances
• Offering guarantees on work and replacement parts
• Taking steps to keep prices low, such as by reducing workplace injury and using time-saving equipment
• Listening to our customers to make sure their real needs are being met
• Always delivering service with a smile
• Respecting your home and never leaving you a mess to clean up