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Think about all the things that go down your drains every day: cooking oil, bits of food, toilet paper, hard, soap scum… For the most part, your drains do a great job of handling all this debris and getting it out of your home and into the city waste system. However, drain systems are not perfect and they need to be cleaned in order to keep running smoothly. Honest Plumbing Guy of Chicago has 25+ years of experience with drain cleaning and is ready to help with fast, affordable services.

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• We clean all drains including kitchen, bath, basement, and sewer drains
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• 24/7 services for plumbing emergencies

Residential Drain Cleaning Services
Drains are located underground and within the architecture of your home. Because they hold waste, you should never try to clean drain pipes yourself. You could cause waste to back up or sewage fumes to enter your home.

To get your drains flowing again, our approach is to first inspect drain pipes. Using video equipment, we can determine whether the problem is a clog or buildup in the drainage system. Sometimes, it is a combination of clogs and buildup. The next step would be to use a rooter or auger to remove the clog, then water jetting equipment is snaked inside drain pipes and ultra high blasts of water scrub debris out of the pipes. Water jetting removes grease, scale, corrosion, and other grime.

Apartment Building Drain Cleaning Services
When you live in an apartment building, you share much more than hallways and entranceways. You all use the same drain pipes which are connected together much like the branches of a tree. All the branches connect to the sewer main and flow out to the city’s sewage center. When drain pipes become coated and clogged by years of debris buildup and corrosion, it can obstruct flow through all drain pipes.

Even if you are diligent about never putting grime in the drains, your neighbors might not be so diligent and you can still experience drain problems. People living on lower floors may notice problems sooner because all the waste water flows down, meaning lower-level drain pipes handle more waste. Luckily for apartment dwellers, drains usually won’t backup into the apartment – which would cause an unsanitary and unhealthy mess. Instead, if a drain main or sewer main becomes clogged, the dirty water backs up into the basement. However, it is still common for residents to experience flow problems and backups can occur if major obstructions occur in the drainage system.

Whole-apartment drain cleaning isn’t something that your standard mom-n-pop plumber can do. It requires high-pressure water jetting equipment. Our water jets can blast over 20,000psi when necessary to clean obstructions like tree roots, gravel, and scale. The jets are attached to long hoses so they can be snaked to all areas of your apartment or complex’s drainage system.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services
We recommend having your drains cleaned with water jetting regularly, especially if you are in an industry such as restaurants, hotels, or manufacturing. By keeping your drains clean of grime buildup, you reduce the likelihood that clogs will occur and stall your business operations. If you wait too long to call for drain cleaning services and experience problems, don’t worry. Honest Plumbing Guy offers 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services in Dallas.

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We are a family-owned and operated plumbing company in Chicago with over 25 years of experience in the industry and a long list of positive customer reviews. We are committed to delivering the best work and service.

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