Professional Plumbing Repipe in Chicago

When it is time to replace your old pipes, Honest Plumbing Guy can help with expert services from fully-licensed Chicago plumbers. We can help with lead pipe removal, full pipe replacement, partial pipe replacement, and no-cut methods like pipe slip lining.

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Replacing Old and Corroding Pipes
Most residential buildings in Chicago have cast iron or galvanized steel pipes. These pipe materials react with the many chemicals found in the Chicago water supply, such as chlorine, barium, arsenic, nitrates, fluoride, and sodium. Because the city’s water supply pipes are made out of materials like lead and steel, these materials can leach into the water and further react with your pipes. Over time, your pipes become rusted and brittle.

Corroded pipes are a major concern on two fronts. The first is for your health. Corroding pipes will cause chemicals to leach into your drinking water, including lead, steel, and iron. The second concern is that old pipes can break open at any moment, causing water to spill out. Consider that most of your piping is located behind walls. You might not notice that pipes are leaking until they have caused thousands in costly damages to your property!

Removing Lead Pipes
More than 80% of the buildings in Chicago were built before lead pipes were banned. That means, if you live in an older house or apartment, there is a good chance that there are lead pipes running through it. These pipes can leach toxic materials into your drinking water, causing severe health risks including brain damage in children and miscarriage in women. To protect the health of you and your family, you should consider having lead pipes removed and replaced.

It is a good practice to have your drinking water routinely tested for contaminants like lead, especially if you know that lead pipes are present. Even if water levels test low for lead, be aware that lead levels could skyrocket at any moment, such as when a bit of corrosion causes the lead to become exposed and leak into water.

Lead pipe replacement must be done very carefully. If not, the EPA has found that replacing your pipes could even make the problem worse! This is because plumbers often need to cut a lead supply pipe (the city’s lead pipe) in order to attach the new lead-free pipes running into the home. When the lead pipe is cut and not properly attached to the new pipes, then small lead particles can break free and get into your drinking water.

Honest Plumbing Guy Chicago has helped thousands of residents and businesses get rid of lead pipes safely and efficiently. Our plumbers will assess your pipes and explain the best viable options for your case.

Innovative Solutions to Pipe Replacement
No one likes the idea of having to cut open all of their walls and slabs of flooring to remove old pipes and put new pipes in their place. This approach to pipe replacement is messy, takes a long time, and extensively damages your home. We would only recommend that route if you already have a major remodel planned!

Instead of cutting apart your walls, Honest Plumbing Guy offers innovative solutions to get repipe services done faster, cheaper, and without damages. Some solutions include:
• Replacing accessible pipes: Such as replacing pipes which are exposed in basements
• Snaking liners inside pipes: This is a good solution for corroded old pipes
• Using PEX tubing: PEX tubing is flexible and can be inserted in place of old pipes much like electricians snake wires into walls. Minimal cutting into your walls is required.

You Can Trust Honest Plumbing Guy with Repipe Services in Chicago
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