Sewer Repair Services by Chicago Plumbing Service

When it comes to sewer repair services, Honest Plumbing Guy can help with affordable services from fully-licensed Chicago plumbers. We are experts in no-dig methods of sewer repair including slip lining, CIPP, and trenchless sewer replacement.

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Corroded, Leaking or Cracked Sewer Mains
If you live in an older home or apartment building in Chicago, it is smart practice to have the sewer inspected to determine its condition. That way, you can catch any issues before they turn into major problems – like having sewage waste leaking into your home!

Older sewer mains get corroded over the years. The corrosion causes them to weaken, and they can crack and start to leak. Because the sewer main is underground, you might not notice the signs of a damaged sewer main. They can include:
• Mold in your basement near the sewer main
• Bad smells in your basement or yard
• Wet spots in basement or yard
• Drain flow problems (because of corrosion buildup blocking drain pipes)

Depending on where your sewer main is located, repairing it can be straight-forward or may require more complex solutions. At Honest Plumbing Guy, we always take steps to avoid cutting up basement slabs and yards. Methods like slip lining and Cured In Place Pipe lining make it possible to reinforce your old sewer main so no leakage occurs. These methods are so effective that you essentially get a brand new sewer pipe without having to install a new one.

Collapsed Sewer Mains
If corrosion goes undetected for a long time, it can eventually cause sewer mains to collapse. When this happens, you will notice! The follow problems can immediately occur:
• Dirty water coming out of drains each time you use a plumbing fixture
• Sewage spilling into basement or up out of lower-level toilets
• Bad smells throughout home
• Wet spots and smells in yard
• Serious hygiene issues from sewage waste

Collapsed sewer mains must be fixed immediately. In many cases, we at Honest Guy Plumbing can replace collapsed sewer mains without having to tear up your entire slab or yard. A method called trenchless sewer repair allows us to break apart the old, collapsed sewer and put a new one in its place.

Free Quotes for Sewer Repair Services
Sewer repair is a big job which requires extensive knowledge and professional equipment like hydraulic machines for no-dig repairs and quality materials. You don’t want to trust the job to your standard mom-n-pop plumbing company!

Honest Plumbing Guy not only has 25+ years of unblemished experience serving Chicago, but we also have the latest equipment available for performing sewer repair services. We’ve successfully repaired and replaced sewers in residential houses, apartment buildings, commercial businesses, and industrial complexes. We are confident that you will be glad you choose us for sewer repair services. To help you make the right decision, we offer free no-obligation quotes on our services. A licensed plumber will come to your address, assess the problem and solutions, and then give you a price quote in writing for services.

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We are a family-owned and operated plumbing company in Chicago with over 25 years of experience in the industry and a long list of positive customer reviews. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we are committed to delivering only the highest level of service in everything we do, including quality workmanship and a courteous manner. We use only the best materials for sewer repair services and all our products come with long warranties.

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